Questions, Answers and Facts – Liebster

Mywordsontheline has been nominated by Mark Aldrich of The Gad About Town blog fame for a Liebster Award.  Yay.  And apparently there are rules to be followed and traditions to be upheld.  Basically this past will display my woeful computer/internet ‘skills.’

First up, the rules:

If I have nominated you, and you choose to accept my nomination of your blog and continue with the Liebster award process, here are the rules:

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4. Provide eleven (11) random facts about yourself.

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Did this award come into being on the date 11/11/(20)11 by chance? 

11 Answers

1. When I think of Upstate New York I picture Autumn leaves and concrete paths (side-walks).  I’m probably picturing the wrong place though. I haven’t been to New York and my knowledge of American geography is limited.

2.  I wouldn’t say I have trouble eating a particular food, rather how it’s served can be problematic.  As a rule, anything requiring more than a fork stab or scoop is iffy, and a *really* sharp knife helps with cutting.  i neat fine with my hands 😉  

3.  I kinda had several tree forts, but no secret clubs as a kid.  My brother and our friends used to climb my neighbour’s Jacaranda tree until Katie fell out and broke her arm.  Considering I was the clumsy one (read, undiagnosed ataxian), I guess I came off lucky.  Then there was the jungle gyms and the playground at our primary school (literally around the corner/block) that at the time was open on the weekends.   

4.  I’m not particularly suspicious of any of today’s technology.  I am very suspicious of people using tech. however.

5. First thing I do in the morning is get dressed, even before I have brekkie.  Bit of a habit I took from going on holidays.  It’s polite not to walk through the lobby and hotel restaurant in your pjs.  The last thing I do at night would probably be leg stretches.

6.  I gotta go with Mark’s answer, under no circumstances would I purposefully harm an animal.   A human?  Quite possibly, but not an animal.  Unless it was trying to really hurt me.   Ah, that’s a circumstance.  Ummmm      … don’t know what I’d never do. 

7.  “If you could ask one person one question and get a completely honest answer, who would it be and what would you ask?”  I think I might be too self-centred for that.  I don’t have an immediate answer, although I do have a curious mind.  A curious mind? Now that’s the title of a biography.

8. the first thing I learnt to cook was ‘a big breakfast’ (sausages, eggs, grilled tomato, mushrooms and onions, and toast.)   But I was more of a baker – biscuits (cookies), muffins (cupcakes), Cake and scones (biscuits served with jam and cream.)

9.  My free time seems to go to Facebook, iphone games and reading, but I am actively trying to redirect it to writing.

10.   A small decision brought on big consequences – after watching Spiderman at the cinema with my youth group, I unofficially lead us to the music store to get the soundtrack, and a quiet guy didn’t keep up and got lost.  He called his dad to come get him, and his dad called my dad, because my dad was taking us home, and basically it was a bit of a kerfuffle because I wanted a CD.   

11.  There have been quite a few historical events in my lifetime on both national and global levels.  First female Australian PM, saying sorry to the Aboriginies, Sydney Olympics 2000 (at which I worked as a volunteer), 9/11 and the subsequent war/invasion – lots of consequences for an international flyer.

11.  Facts

1.  I don’t sweat.  I perspire enough for underarm B.O., but no sweat patches, even at gym.  Not since I was walking.

2.  I really don’t like crying in front of people.  If I’m watching a tearjerker movie or tv show with friends or family, I bite the inside of my mouth to stop the tears.

3.  My favourite colours are blue and purple, but I look best wearing pink 😦

4.  I like to count the edges of things (eg. a t..v. on a cabinet) to add up to the number 20.

5.   When I have a plate of food, I save the best things till last – which sometimes backfires when people start eating the food you’ve pushed aside, because they think that means you don’t like it.

6.  Chances are, I’m not annoyed or upset when you ask me, but I will be after you do.

7.  I am an extremely vengeful person, and tend towards grudges, so it’s a good thing that I’m not involved with law and order in any way.  

8.  I’ve got really sensitive skin that jewellery turns green, unless it’s real silver or god.  Also My english-rose complexion burns way too easy.

9.  I’m not too fond of horror as a genre but I do like vampire tv shows and The Walking Dead tv show.

10.  I am one of around 450 Australians, give or take, who has Friedreich’s Ataxia.

11.  I am a slow typist, so this is taking a lot longer for me to type than you to read.

11 Questions

1.  What would you call your autobiography?

2.  What are the top three things on your bucket list?

3.  What is the story behind your childhood pet?

4.  Name a song you love but is embarrassing.

5.  What is the most unique thing that you’ve done to/for yourself?  (eg. haircut, holiday, nose piercing)

6.  Chocolate, Bacon or a Banana?

7.  Favourite genre for book, tv and film.

8.  What are your thoughts on tattoos?

9.  What is the best meal you’ve ever had?

10.  Have you invited the people in your life to read your blog?

11.  Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, and why?


AND the twist at the end is that I lack nominees as I need to get out and read more.  Also, by George this was hard.   So whilst I really, really want Mark to know how chuffed I am that he nominated me, my energy has been exhausted from filling out the ‘entry’ form.