I wanna be a writer

*** Real Time Event/Rant: The concept of telemarketing annoys the hell out of me.  It is the telephonic equivalent of spam emails, pop-up ads online, and the pamphlet-sales-brochure-thingies you get in the mail.  It’s unwanted trash (the legal stuff) and outright burglary (the illegal stuff like if you give me your computer/bank details ‘blah-blah-blah’).   Telemarketers (the legal ‘we want your money’ kind), if it’s the only job you can get, kudos to you, but don’t expect me to like you.  Civility I can do, hell, I can be damned polite.  But I’m not gonna help you take my time and money.  So when I answer the phone  and someone in stilted english starts talking without identifying themselves, and asks to speak to “Bianna (correct surname)” – “Nah, doesn’t live here” is my answer. ***

I am currently unemployed and disabled.  This has been my status for  over a decade, with the additional descriptor ‘student’ in use for the majority of that decade.  Two Bachelor Degrees, and a great love and “talent” for words since I could use them, are my tools, my resume if you will.  And as such everyone in my life as suggested I combine these aspects of my life.  “You should write, you have the time/what else can you do?”, “You should write about living with a disability/friedreich’s ataxia/your autobiography”, “You should write fiction, fantasy or sci-fi (my favourite genres) about a disabled character”, and “You should write about your travelling experiences with your disability.”  Yeah, I can spot the common theme there too *smirk*.  But writing any of that is still writing, so let’s work on building my writing muscle.  I’ll pick options 2 and 4, – .  I feel like I should add Bob or Larry there, but as I don’t watch game shows, I don’t know a host’s name to add.

Now I’ve read a few blog entries from people writing about traveling with a disability, and they’re very informative (particularly this site about going to Disneyland/DisneyWorld as a paraplegic http://www.disneyonwheels.com/ – different disability but lots of info on wheelchair access – had I found it before I went, it would’ve been incredibly useful to me), but some of them just feel like a report.  I want to avoid sounding like exposition with no flair, and I guess that’s why I don’t even begin the writing process, because I don’t know if I can avoid it.  But that’s a pretty dumb problem if I ignore the answer.  If I don’t know, do nothing or try.  Do nothing, or write.


3 responses to “I wanna be a writer

  1. Oh. People always tell me to write about the FA, and have a disabled Main Character. After I fight the urge to kick them in the nads, I usually just shake my head. I’m in the bloody chair enough that I don’t want to write about it. 🙂

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