Hits and Misses

Man, I hate summer here. It’s not just hot and sunny, it’s muggy – it’s like walking around in someone’s mouth.  I’m sure that sucks for everyone, but you add the ataxia on top of that and it’s all about stiff joints, sticking to what I’m trying to transfer off of, and my heart having a hard time.  By hard time I mean the slightest movement can set my heart racing like I’ve just sprinted 100 metres.  Just boo.  

I’ve had 4 training sessions at the gym so far, and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I think I’ll definitely be doing another month of that.  It must be hard for the trainer, I mean a neurological-physiotherapist came with me the first time to give him a few guidelines with what I can do, but he does still seem to be a bit cautious.  They’re 45-60 min sessions and by the end of them I haven’t actually worked up a sweat, I’m damn hungry, but not so sweaty.  The trainer was concerned that I’m not hydrated enough to sweat, but I don’t recall getting red in the face with salty beads dropping off my forehead since before I was in the wheelchair.  People don’t realise the amount of effort that goes into walking.  Also, on hot days it was pretty much me walking until I found a seat in the shade, whereas in the chair I pretty much wheel until I find shade and park (B.Y.O seat).  

The training is having an affect so far, especially in my arms.  I can lift myself easier and hold onto grab rails (propping up my body weight) for longer.  Turns out I’m loving the cables (for arm work and leg work), and boxing, well me putting on boxing gloves and punching a shield thing he holds – damned hard to sit up without support from the backrest, and swung my arms, and aim.  Most of the time my punches hit the outer edge of the shield-thing, and the first few times I almost hit him in the groin.  Now he does the intelligent thing of holding the shield at groin height so if I miss I’ll get his bicep or something.


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