New Year Ultimatums and Letting Go

It’s that time again where I and every other child of Western culture decide to write a list of promises to better themselves in the coming year.  A whole lot of conformity one way or the other.  Bettering yourself depends on what society deems acceptable; then you have the whole conformity through non-conformity argument; and then, better yet there’s the conformity of not keeping your new year’s resolutions anyway … Too post-modern for you?  Try living in my head.


But, yes, in all of that, I did reveal that I do have my own resolutions for 2014.  The extremely popular promise to join a gym and become slim, taut and terrific, is one of my resolutions this year.  Become stronger and lighter this year.  If that results in my looking STaT then f’n-A; not the point, but a bonus nonetheless.  The point is to literally be stronger and lighter.  I’d like to be able to push myself in my wheelchair faster and for longer intervals.  I’d also like to be lighter for when I’ve gotta  be picked up off the ground by myself and other people.  A lighter load on my joints and skeleton would also make myself and my neurologist quite happy.  I’ve translated this as two sessions a week with a personal trainer at a ‘relatively nearby gym’ ***(OT Rant – Geez dad sh*ts me sometimes.  Can’t take a bloody joke.  He walks by to put the tele remote on the table next to me, so I lower the screen of my lap top with an exaggerated ‘don’t read my stuff’ look and a smile and he get all shitty.  Learn to take a joke.) *** This was an easy resolution to keep so far as it was organised last month and pre-paid.  Also involving a trainer is quite motivational. And it’s all cheaper than seeing a physiotherapist twice a week.

So Resolution 1 – Be Stronger and Lighter.    

The other that has been plaguing me for a few years now is a mixture between being bored and being resentful of my friends.  Basically some of my friends aren’t cool with taking me and my manual chair in the car anymore.  That’s their right and everything, and I’d be cool with it except they’re not honest about it.   I  go away for a few months and suddenly there’s too much rubbish in the car (not once, not twice, but for two months), eventually followed by the idea that my chair doesn’t fit in the boot.  The same chair that’d had no problems for 3 years.  They now have a new car with an extremely small boot.  The part two on this is what gets at me.  I have to get a taxi to meet them anywhere because they won’t catch a bus, train, or share a taxi with me.  It gets rather expensive for me – thus the resent.  The boredom is partly the result of refusing to catch a taxi for 1 hour at a time, or to not really wanna spend more than $60 for a taxi ride.  So I get left behind because the beach is a long, costly taxi ride away.  But this year I’ve decided to stop missing out and (at least sometimes) go ahead with the price.  And working in addition to the first resolution, I hope to get out more, and to get out farther by my self.

So, Resolution 2 – Get out there

My second resolution works on two levels.  Geographically, but I’m also working on the social aspect.  Obviously I’ve gotta get over the resenting thing, as that’s not good in any way for anyone. But I also think I’ve gotta open up my social circle.  Step one – join a club.  Which is not as straightforward as it seems, but I’ve found two bookclubs that are nearby AND wheelchair accessible.  Now to read the books.

So two resolutions that I both need and want to keep.  And one more that I promise every year and never do – but this year I’m working hard on the other two, so here’s hoping …

1. Be Stronger and Lighter

2. Get out there

3. Write more 


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