People don’t seem to value a phonecall.  It doesn’t have to be the best conversation of your life, or even that long.  Really, everyone has the time and energy just to say ‘Hi.’  Being too busy or too tired is a load of crap.  You wait too long and someone gets hurt, whether it be you or someone you care about.  Everyone misses out.  They move on.  They drift apart.  Those memes and words of wisdom that keep touting that you can not be in contact with someone for a long time and then pick up like nothing’s happened, and that proves how close you are – that’s BULLSHIT.  A great big pile of crap designed to make people feel better about being self-centerd and voluntarily cut-off from family and friends in a world where communication is theoretically the easiest it has ever been.

Unreturned voicemails give the impression you don’t care.  One or two go unresponded, maybe three – you forgot because you were at work and it got really hectic.  Any more and intentionally or not you’ve given the ‘hint’ that you just don’t care or your interest for that person has weaned.  Over a year of no calling or physical contact or cards or letters, and regret forms.  You shouldn’t be wishing you had more time – you should be wishing you weren’t such an arsehole.


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