Burn, Baby, Burn

Busker sings: Sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happy –
Random pedestrian punches him in the face.   – The Simpsons

I totally feel like the pedestrian, not because of a heatwave (not yet, it is summer in Sydney), but because of my sunburn.  It’s like I got tattooed sleeves of red flesh.  Owie.  There is a fair bit of pain involved when pushing myself around in the wheelchair, what with muscles rolling under tight, burnt skin.  Kinda unexpected  The last time I got too much sun around my arms and shoulders, I was still walking, so I guess this is new.  I’ve been using sunburn-cream spray (huh?), and I swear there are probably people out there huffing it – it’s really potent stuff.  Next time I go anywhere coastal I’m slopping on the 50+ and bringing a little umbrella and everyone one else can just deal with getting poked in the eye.   


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