Personality Quirk

There’s something a little wrong with me – other than the ataxia.  Well that might be involved, but I prefer to think of it as a personality quirk before anything else.  I cried during an episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ – s04 ep02 Infected.  I mean I really sobbed.  Was it because people were getting eaten alive by walkers?  Was it because two little girls had to watch their dad die?  No.  It was because Rick sacrificed living piglets to the walkers.  Ugh, I just couldn’t stand it.  I’m like that with most tv shows and movies.  Human characters come and go, boo-hoo.  Sometimes it’s worth a tear or two.  But you touch the animals?  Hell no!  I’m probably the only one who thinks the carnage in ‘Life of Pi’ would’ve been more tolerable with people rather than animals.  Zebra screams are not my favourite soundtrack.

Now, I’m the first to admit that my chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse are slim to none.  Well except for the one in ‘World War Z’ (the movie universe), even then really.  The world is yet to stop being a bitch for wheelchairs let alone those of us who need companions.  So, refusing to use live animals as walker bait is probably just another reason to add to my non-survivability, but actually going through with it and functioning through the piglet screaming just added to the amount that Rick seems to be dying inside.




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